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Literature: In-class Practices

Upload your mind map here

Upload your mind map here

by 18th march 23:59

G11 Module 2

Click here to the fill in the spreadsheet

by Sunday, March 22, 23:59


Welcome to your online independent learning!

The goal for the following module is to prepare you on researching on both your IAs and EEs.  

For the next consecutive literature classes, you will spend about 20 minutes to read one of the modules on this page. Then there will be tasks for you to complete on the same day by 23:59PM


Module 2

March 20

Your mind maps are outstanding! I am proud of all of you being an independent learner. 

Today, we are going to do databases/Google search based on what you have done on your mind map.

Link to Handout

Link to the Video (in case you can't open the video below) The final few minutes on Google Search would be particularly useful. You may want to pause my video and follow along searching in different places with your own keywords.  In my video, I am going to illustrate my search with the aid of the hangout. 

Please fill in the spreadsheet by Sunday, March 22, 23:59. Fill in the Spreadsheet with AT LEAST 2 sources, one from Google & one from database.

Should you have any questions, please send me a email to My LINE is roxy4444 in case you want to call me to ask questions :0)... 


Module 1

March 18

Before we start using databases or "googling" (it will be in module 2 on March 20), you should have read the book and have basic understanding on the book for your IA or EE.

The purpose of doing this mind map is to generate more KEYWORDS and ideas for further researching. 

I am going to use "A Doll's House" as an example to demonstrate what elements need to be included for the mind map: (Video for 19 mintues)

Please upload your mind map by today (March 18) by 23:59. Your mind map should be the work that you are going to analyze for your IA/EE. Without the mind map, it is impossible to continue on March 20. 

Should you have any questions, please send me a email/ join me at the Zoom meeting during the literature class time. I will be on Zoom from 7:30AM to 8:30AM today.