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Information Literacy Resources: Use Effectively

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CONTENT: lesson with Problem, Expected Outcomes, Methods with embedded videos and exercises, Assessment​
MEDIUM/TIME: 2 videos (5:15, 8:56), self-paced assessment​
ASSESSMENT:  Bruin Success with Less Stress tutorial with questions/answers
NOTES: UCLA tutorial; just have student ignore UCLA specific references​
WHY WE LIKE IT: fun assessment with lasting impact
CONTENT: preparing annotations of books, articles; annotations vs. abstracts, examples
MEDIUM/TIME: text only 
NOTES: Cornell University. Points out the difference (in appearance) between APA and MLA
WHY WE LIKE IT: well-regarded site, resource that is frequently linked to on reading/writing sites, clear examples
CONTENT: information about and examples of annotated bibliographies in MLA, APA and Chicago Manual of Style
MEDIUM/TIME: text only
NOTES: Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab). Provides examples in each of three citation formats: APA, MLA and Chicago
WHY WE LIKE IT: well regarded site; though not interactive, this page is still useful

Quizzes & Keys for Student Assessment

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Critical Thinking

Additional Class Exercises to Promote Critical Thinking Skills

  • Write an annotated bibliographyon a research topic. For this project, a specific number and types of sources should be utilized and cited, such as books, websites, online database articles, scholarly articles, etc. This assignment sharpens the students skills of literature searching and mastering a bibliographic styles.
  • Do a literature review on a sub-topic. Students are assigned different sub-topics of a field of study and review the main ideas addressed in literature over time. They will learn to appreciate how ideas develop in a field over time and may be influenced by outside events and developments in other fields. See Writing a Literature Review.