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Human Rights: MLA 8 In-text Citations, Works Cited, EasyBib

Bibliography - Works CIted MLA 8

What to Include

Students are required to use their EasyBib accounts, choosing MLA Format. Your bibliography is printed and handed in with your report. See MYP Librarian if you have any questions. Include:

  • Interviews
  • Correspondence
  • Research using books, online databases, websites
  • Any videos or YouTube selections used in research or for ideas
  • Any lectures, presentations, performances, and political or organization meetings attended

2 TIPs

  1. Enter your sources into EasyBib when you first find and use them--making sure the date is included! It is easy to delete a source you decide not to use.
  2. Complete an OPVL Evaluation form for every source used in your project, including interviews. These will help you to think about the value of a source. See OPVL Worksheet below.

IB Effective referencing and citing

Citing Your Sources -- Common MLA Examples



In-Text Citations & EasyBib

You are required to use in-text citations in your Report. Remember your EasyBib entry for a source will guide you on how to format the in-text citation. See your Librarian if you have any questions or unusual sources!

MLA 8 Chinese Guide

IB Ethical Practice

Ethical Practice in the IB Programme

  1. Directly quoting another person’s actual words, whether oral or written;
  2. Using another person’s ideas, opinions, or theories;
  3. Paraphrasing the words, ideas, opinions, or theories of others, whether oral or written;
  4. Borrowing facts, statistics, or illustrative material; or
  5. Offering materials assembled or collected by others in the form of projects or collections without acknowledgment.