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Concordian International School

Design & Technology: MYP Design

1. Design Cycle A: Enquiring & Analyzing

The Library and it's resources will help you with part A of The Design Cycle. Find (Identify) and Analyze (Prioritize) primary and secondary research about your design situation; Develop a detailed Design Brief that summarizes the Research and refers to your findings using Appendices and your References (the Works Cited--the bibliography of your sources).


The Design Cycle

A: Inquiring and Analyzing 
Students are presented with a design situation, from which they identify a problem that needs to be solved. They analyze the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of the problem. 

In order to reach the aims of design, students should be able to: 
1. explain and justify the need for a solution to a problem for a specified client/target audience 
2. identify and prioritize the primary and secondary research needed to develop a solution to the problem 
3. analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem 
4. develop a detailed design brief which summarizes the analysis of relevant research. 

START  your research with these Databases and find newspaper and magazine articles, reference articles, eBooks!

2. Useful Design Websites

3. Useful Paper Formatting Websites

Sample MLA Papers with In-text Citations, Works Cited (bibliography), Notes, & Appendices

According to the MLA Made Easy,  

If the paper has as Appendix, it begins on a new page after the body of the paper. The Works Cited page always comes last and begins on a page by itself. Page numbers continue throughout the paper to the end of the Works Cited page.

NOTE! Video below is wrong about placement in your report: an Appendix comes before the Works Cited!

MYP Design Instructions for Research Project!

  • Open your EasyBib first and click your DSN 6 Bibliography
  • Remember to use the Library Books selected for this assignment that will be kept on a table in the Library
    • Enter book information into EasyBib 
  • Box 1: START here using databases to find Research Plan Topics as we examined during your Library class
    • Required to use Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers (find in Databases), as well as Websites
    • Enter or export sources into EasyBib as you find them. Do not use Auto Cite!!
  • Box 2: Use these websites for additional information
  • Box 3: Review how your MLA paper should look and where the Appendices belong (your pictures, drawings, surveys, statistics, etc.)
  • Ask Ms Kathy for help with finding information, citing sources, printing Works Cited.

:) Have Fun!