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Healthy Relationships: Useful Starting Points

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And in Thailand, from Mahidol University, Plan International Thailand, UNESCO Bangkok Office, 2014 

  • (56%) of self-identified LGBT students in the study reported having been bullied within the past month because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
  • Among students that did not identify as LGBT, 25% reported being bullied because they were perceived to be transgender or same-sex attracted. 
  • When compared, lesbian, female bisexual and tom students had a higher prevalence of victimization due to their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Around two-thirds (68%) of victims of anti-LGBT bullying said they did not report these incidents or even talk about them with anyone. 

Bullying -- Videos to Watch

The untold story of bullying, told by Ditch the Label – an award-winning, national anti-bullying charity.

Might make you cry :(