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"Major Findings: PIL's Lifelong Learning Study" (2:58) (January 2016)

Why Can't I Just Google?

This Guide

This Guide

  • Provides resources to help integrate information literacy as a learning goal into your course syllabi
  • Each of the competencies tabs listed above links to relevant lessons, videos, pod casts, interactive tutorials, exercises, quizzes, handouts and assessment tools.

Information Literacy

Information literacy aims to teach students the critical thinking skills necessary to locate, retrieve, analyze and use information. In this academic setting, these are the skills needed to find, understand and appropriately use resources to complete papers, assignments, and other academic research endeavors.  In addition, these skills have a lifelong application and will be invaluable as students search for jobs and begin their professional careers.

The Standards

  • Identify information needed - Understand the assignment, the extent of research needed, the concepts to be addressed
  • Access needed information effectively and efficiently -  Find appropriate resources and design search queries
  • Evaluate information and its sources  -  Read critically and incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base 
  • Use Effectively the information to accomplish a specific purpose - Synthesize information so purpose is achieved
  • Use information Ethically correctly summarize, paraphrase and cite resources 

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