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Concordian International School

Community Project: Process Journal

The Process Journal

The Process Journal is the Most Important Part of your Entire Community Project. 

  1. If your process journal is thorough and well-organized, it will make it easier for you to do your final presentation.
  2. Here you document your thinking, ideas and the development of the project‚ÄčIt is a working document. It does not need to be neat and well presented.
  3. Must show your supervisor to document your process at meetings and in ManageBac.
  4. Written, visual, audio, electronic, or any combination of these formats
  5. Date each entry for your future reference.
  6. Part of your assessment is from the 15 - 20 Journal extracts for CP.
  7. You must  demonstrate
  • Approaches to Learning? HERE
  • Learner Profiles? HERE
  • Criteria? HERE
  1. The journal is displayed at the final Presentation.



Helpful headings

Always date your journal entry! This will be crucial when choosing your 10 extracts.


Provide a structure to your journal.

Work completed this week

Detail all aspects of work completed on the personal project in the week

Resources consulted

Use your EasyBib to record sources, including interviews, videos watched, and your readings and research. You should also record details of any conversations that took place with sources relating to the project--these might be transcripts to include as an appendix.

Challenges or difficulties faced

Detail obstacles and problems and tell how you did or plan to deal with them

Evaluation of progress



ATL skills involved





This is where you should refer to your initial goals and indicate whether or not you are achieving them. You may also identify any areas that need improvement at this stage. At the beginning of your Process Journal students often talk about their original ideas, and why they discarded some ideas or changed your original idea--and why


This is where you can include (maybe using a checkbox?) the ATL skills that you needed, used, improved on, or were difficult tor you


This is where you refer to the Learner Profiles that you needed, used, improved on, or were difficult for you to develop



CP Student Folder - Process Journals