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Personal Project: Personal Project Home & Required Forms


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PP Timeline and Deadlines

May 9 to June 4 2019 and through the summer :)
  • Introduction to PP parents & students
  • May 9 set topic
  • 4 June Goal Statement
  • 4 June Initial Action Plan
  • During the summer research, track changes in action plan
  • NO changes to goal after 14 August

August 14 to November 4 2019

  • Independent research
  • August Compulsory meeting with Supervisor to share action plan and progress
  • Taking action with outcome/product
  • Meetings with Supervisor as required
  • 4 November Product Submission due on MB

November 2019 to February 2020

  • Report writing Workshops
  • Meetings with Supervisor as required
  • 6 December 2019 Checkpoint Report of Criteria A & B due
  • 13 January 2019 First Draft submission of all Criteria due
  • 3 February 2019 Final Report submitted to MB & Academic Honesty Form to PP Coordinator
  • 18 February 2019 PP Exhibition
  • 15 March 2019 Projects submitted for Moderation



Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019

Submit on MB updated goal statement, research, progress of action plan over summer


Schedule mandatory Meeting 1 with supervisor to:

- show research

- record meeting on MB

Monday, Aug 26, 2019

A. iii. Demonstrating research skills

C. iii. Demonstrating communication and social skills

Monday, Sept 16, 2019

B. i. Develop criteria for product

Thursday, Sept 26, 2019

B iii. Demonstrating self-management skills

C ii. Demonstrating thinking skills

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019

D. i. Evaluate product against criteria

Writing Crit. A and B

Monday, Nov 4, 2019

Product Submission (PDF of photos of product)

Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019

Writing Crit. C and D

Friday, Dec 6, 2019

Criterion A and B Report Checkpoint

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2020

Report Formatting

Monday, Jan 13, 2020

First Draft Report Due for Supervisor feedback

Monday, Feb 3, 2020

Final Report Due

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

Planning for Exhibition

Monday, Feb 17, 2020

Preparation for Exhibition

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020


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Student Forms & Mandatory Documents

Use ManageBac for:

  • Personal Project Proposal and Goal Statement
  • Process Journal including updates to your Action Plan
  • Recording meetings with  Supervisor and Mentors

Credit Box

This LibGuide was created by Kathy Fester, using and adapting information from the from the OCC (Online Curriculum Centre IBO)MYP Projects Guide 2016 and Yokohama International School Personal Project Guide and the Mater-Christi College Personal Project Guide

Thank You!

Concordian International School, Bangkok

The content is shared under a Creative Commons Attribuition-Noncommerical license.

Personal Project Overview

The aim of the MYP Personal Project is to encourage and enable you to:

  • participate in a sustainedself self-directed inquiry within a global context
  • generate creative new insights and develop deeper understandings through an in-depth investigation
  • demonstrate skills, attitudes, and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time
  • communicate effectively in a variety of situations
  • demonstrate responsible action through, or as a result of, learning
  • appreciate the process of learning and take pride in your accomplishments

The inquiry process in MYP projects involves a wide range of activities that extend knowledge and understanding and develops skills and attitudes.

The Personal Project involves:

  • deciding what you want to learn about
  • identifying your prior knowledge
  • discovering what you will need to know to complete the project
  • creating proposals or criteria for your project
  • planning your time and materials
  • recording developments of the project
  • making decisions
  • developing understanding and solving problems,
  • communicating with your supervisor and others
  • creating a product or developing an outcome
  • evaluating the product/outcome and reflecting on your project and your learning.

Recommended time: 25 hours

Each project is completed individually. No group projects.

The project begins May in MYP 4 and finishes in February in MYP 5. You set the pace of your action plan based on what necessary to meet your highly challenging goal, however, there will be deadlines to submit work along the way.


The Personal Project is assessed using four Criteria. Each criteria is worth 8 marks, for a maximum of 32 marks, the final grade will be between 1-7.

  • Criterion A: Investigating (research) 8 marks
  • Criterion B: Planning  8 marks
  • Criterion C: Taking action  8 marks
  • Criterion D: Reflection 8 marks

You will be graded on the submission of a final product/outcome based on your goal, and a formal report (1500-3500 words).

What do I submit?

  1. Cover sheet See Home Page for Forms
  2. Academic Honesty form In ManageBac
  3. Report: max 3500 words including appendices (maximum of 10 A4 extracts from your Process Journal)  The Process Journal is indirectly assessed through the extracts.
  4. Product or outcome include the product or up to 5 still images or 30 seconds of video of the product
  5. Process Journal for Demonstration (not assessed)
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7 Steps to Get You Started


IB Ethical Practice

Ethical Practice in the IB Programme

  1. Directly quoting another person’s actual words, whether oral or written;
  2. Using another person’s ideas, opinions, or theories;
  3. Paraphrasing the words, ideas, opinions, or theories of others, whether oral or written;
  4. Borrowing facts, statistics, or illustrative material; or
  5. Offering materials assembled or collected by others in the form of projects or collections without acknowledgment.

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