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Concordian International School

Information Literacy Resources: Access

Digital Learning Objects

Icons Used in This Guide 

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Video  How to Search a Database

CONTENT: how to search by keyword and then find articles

MEDIUM/TIME: video (4:39)


NOTES: U of Tennessee, helps students understand the similarities among databases

WHY WE LIKE IT: PRIMO, uses EBSCO databases as examples; humour--love the sock puppet!

 Search Smarter, Search Faster

CONTENT: dinosaurs help a student research his essay & identify keywords

MEDIUM/TIME: video (6:54)


NOTES: University of Sydney, synonyms and Boolean search strategy tools

WHY WE LIKE IT: humorous take on info lit with an Australian flavour (lots of viewers)

Flash Reading a Citation Demonstration

CONTENT: click on the source (online article, newspaper, book chapter, journal) for clues on how to read the citation

MEDIUM/TIME: interactive, self-paced


NOTES: U of Idaho, good visual impact

WHY WE LIKE IT: good for visual learners

Critical Thinking

Additional Class Exercises to Promote Critical Thinking Skills

  • Have students think of a topic from a variety of viewpoints--environmental, business, feminist, legal, political, religious, medical--and research the types of sources and evidence the different viewpoints draw from and how this will effect the information presented. Use the Issues Guide or the Point of View Quick Guide.
  • Assemble background information on a company or organization as if preparing for a hypothetical interview. Research the corporate leadership or department head's backgrounds, publications, and current research and development.