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Concordian International School

IB Film Studies: Guide to Writing Film Studies Paper

1. Selecting and limiting your topic

A great way to come up with a research topic is simply to keep current on what's happening in your field of interest , you will more likely to succeed  by doing this than by attempting to work on a topic that you are not interested in. Here are some things to take note:

  1. Choose a topic that interests you
  2. Determine the relevance of the topic
  3. Focus the topic
  4. Determine the availability of resources to support  your research, otherwise, change your topic.

Watch this video courtesy of  Next gen research publication to guide you further. 

5. Rough Draft

This is now where you will put your ideas into writing. This is the  part where you will integrate all the data that you gathered and make sense of it. Put only the relevant information that will support your argument or make sure that there is a reason for including those information in your paper. Make citations properly to avoid plagiarism and show the evidence of prior researches in similar topic. Check here for academic  writing tips.

2. Formulating your research question

The research question  sets the direction and scope of your research.  


4. Preparing your research outline

Preparing your outline is essential to keep you organized and focused in writing your research paper. 

6. Final Copy

This is the polishing stage, and before submitting your paper, check here for tips in polishing your research.

3. Preparing a working bibliography and Information gathering

Start with the Library Film  sources to give you an idea of what is available for you to start gathering your information. Check our collection of books, periodicals, multimedia and several databases. Gathering information about your topic requires skill in navigating the vast resource as well as critical thinking in choosing the information you will use in your research. Watch this video to give you an overview of the process.