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IB Film Studies: Writing for Film Students

How Do I Write a Screenplay?

In this Film Courage video interview, BlueCat Screenplay Competition Founder and Judge Gordy Hoffman answers the question of How Do I Write A Screenplay?

Note on Citing Film!

Film citations should always include the following information about the film : title, director, distributor, year of release, and the format or medium on which you watched the film (if you watched the film at a theater or are not sure of the medium - it is ok to just use "film" here.

Some things to note:  

  • When you list the distributor of the film (which could be the studio or another distributor depending on the version or release of the film you've viewed - make sure that the year you list correctly corresponds. For example, if the original release year of the film is 2010 but you watched a DVD director's cut that was released in 2016, you should put the original release date after the director and the date of the one you watched after the distributor. 
  • Your citation could also include the names of the writer, principal performer(s), and producer.
  • See MLA 8 Tab "How do I cite?" and look for Film, Videos, DVDs.