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IB Film Studies: Editing Techniques & Sci-Fi

The Technique of Film Editing - Step 0

Dr. Who (1963) Step 1

Search on Google and find videos:

doctor who 1963 Editing

Search on Google:

"doctor who" AND ("60s" OR "1963") AND "editing techniques"

Find the PDF: Delia Derbyshire's creative process - WikiDelia

Find the publication: Single camera techniques and audio essay  

Dr. Who (1963) - Step 2

Search the technique online, especially Wiki.

Find the synoyms

e.g. electroacoustic music, Radiophonic

Dr. Who (1963) - Step 3 Databases

Google Schloar

Search:  "editing" AND "doctor who" AND ("60s" OR "1963") AND "Music"

Read the article: [PDF] Doctor Who: Adaptations and Flows

Google Schloar

Search:  "editing" AND "techniques" AND "An Unearthly Child" AND ("60s" OR "1963") 

Read the article: [PDF] Time signatures: music and sound design in Doctor Who (1963–89, 1996, 2005-)

La Jetee (1962) - Step 1

Search on Google and find videos:

"la jetee" image

Search on Google:

"la jetee" "editing"

Find the website: La Jetee Chris Marker Analysis | Experimental Film - Films Lie

La Jetee (1962) - Step 2

Google Web Search

E.g. Search on Google

"La Jetee" dissolve 

"La Jetee" montage

Refer the the editing techniques Ebook if needed

La Jetee (1962) - Step 3 Databases

Google Schloar

Search: "la jetee" editing"

Read the article: Time and Stasis in" La Jetée"


JSTOR Advanced Search

((La Jetee) AND (frames))

Find the article The Remaking of "La Jetée's" Time-Travel Narrative: "Twelve Monkeys" and the Rhetoric of Absolute Visibility

Now you find montage --> Go back to step 2

Being John Malkovich - Step 1

Search on Google and find videos:

""being john malkovich" film technique

""being john malkovich" "visual editing"

Being John Malkovich - Step 2

Search the technique online

Find the synoyms. e.g. POV, P-O-V, Point of View

Being John Malkovich - Step 3 Databases

Search Google Scholar:

"being john malkovich" "editing"

Find this:Making fictions sound real-On film sound, perceptual realism and genre


Search Google Scholar:

"being john malkovich" point of view

Find this from JSTOR: 

Being John Malkovich

S Repass - FILM QUART, 2002 -
See audio, cutout, filter
Google Scholar Search


1. Watch/ read the introductory materials

2. Get the keywords of the editing techiques

3. Combine the "name of the movie" and "techniques", perform a Google Boolean Search

4. With more ideas and keywords, Search on 

  • Students Resources in Context
  • Google Scholar